Our Technology

We have invested in top notch technology with our clients in mind. In order to provide you with the most transparent inspection of your home and with an easy-to-read report, we knew we would have to do something special. That is why we have made sure to invest in the very best reporting software on the market. 

This software allows us to:

-deliver a thorough report in a very timely manner

-provide an easy-to-read and understand report

-suggest repairs right in the report

-provide a report from which the agent can easily build the repair request (agents love this feature!)

-send you and the agent a report that will require less time to analyze and allow more time to get things done! 

In addition to our awesome reporting software, we are Infrared Certified and use the latest in photography technology to give you a unique view of your home. Using FLIR Thermal Imaging technology, we can acquire thermal images of things like temperature differentials to show the efficiency of your HVAC system. We can also use this imaging to take a look at water spots and stains to investigate in ceilings and behind walls. If there is water, we can probably spot it! This can save you a ton of trouble and money in the future. 

Finally, we use 360° photography to create images that put your right in the center of any room of your house! With this unique view of each room, the report becomes even more comprehensive and puts you in the same view as the inspector. With our photography capabilities, not only can we see more of your house, but we can record more data and put everyone involved on the same page!